For the past month or so, I had been real strict on my sugar/carb/fat in-take. I'm a slim dude by nature, but I was looking to force myself to make up for my lack of carbs with a higher amount of protein. This was helping by leaning out some of the body fat, and building up muscle tissue underneath. One thing I noticed was a major change in energy levels. Aside from a day or two transition period, I had a lot more energy and less severity in the change in my moods. Recently, I indulged myself in a week long feast of carbs, sugar, and fat. Part of it was because I was out of town and couldn't really regulate my diet comfortably, and the other part was because I got a sinus infection and I always spoil myself when I get sick. The major change has been in my moods. They are much more drastic when they change, while eating lots of sugar/carbs. The natural energy surge has been replaced by a quick artificial spike, and then a slow and sludgy slope. I look forward to getting back on my healthy eating again. Sounds weird right? I always picture two people in my mind when I eat. I am either eating to look like Stallone in Rambo, or Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. It helps make things easier. Try it. Holla.

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Scott Webster said...

Yesterday was an eye opener for my wife and I in regards to sugar's affect on my son as well. He threw tantrums unlike he's every thrown before. He had some candy at the house, my dad's, my mom's and of course, her mom's too. Well, without eating much else (pancakes for breakfast and cookies for a snack), he was in a brand new form. I figured that he was on a sugar high for most of the day. Since he is only three, we try to get him an hour or more nap in the middle of the day. Well, with all the running around we did yesterday, he didn't get one. My guess is that he was crashing due to needing sleep and sugar leaving his body.

I sometimes get the same way with an energy drink. I tend to notice when the drink has worn off better than when it's taking effect. I try as much as possible to stay away from the "regular" drinks and stick to sugar free ones. The energy drink is a different monster though because most of them are not 100% delicious to begin with.