It Can Be Very Slow

This post originally started out as a comment to Jamie's Avalanche post. As I typed it, it got bigger and bigger so I decided to create a new post altogether. The slow and subtle avalanche can be scarier than an instant one! Twice now as an adult I have lost weight at a relatively impressive rate and amount. About 4 years ago, I lost 35 pounds over the course of a year. I didn't even realize it until I weighed myself almost 11 months apart. Two years later, I lost 25 pounds in around two months. Somewhere between there, I noticed that Of the 35 I lost, I gained back about 15 or more over the next two years. Well, here I am again, about 15 pounds heavier. Not bad if you think about only adding 1-2 pounds a month over the next few years. The problem is, to safely lose weight, you have to do it somewhat slowly so your body can adjust. Same thing goes with gaining. I'd rather add ten pounds in two months because I would notice quicker which way I was heading. Also, my body would exhibits signs of distress if it felt like it was going crazy. Only adding a pound or two here and there, my body never said anything to me. I am lighter now than I was four years ago and getting closer to my weight from two years ago. Not close to my goal, but heading there. I want to look different than I do now. The weight will be a product of my changing my habits.

I'm now in my third iteration of losing weight and toning up. I started eating better (again) a few months back. Dropped the amounts of sugar down and portion sizes scaled back slowly. Now that I have been running, I feel great. I am not 100% comfortable with my weight. I doubt I ever will be. Some people have commented that I look better and see improvements. I thank them politely and say something along the lines of "Yeah, still got some work to do, but thank you for noticing". If someone asks me if I have lost weight, I tell them "That's the plan." This time around, I am noticing the inches more than the weight. I think it is because of the muscle weight staying on or adding when I am slowly taking off the fat weight. The road is long, but as long as I keep looking forward and moving I think I'll be alright. In fact, I think that my moving slower this time weight-wise is better for me. I'm developing habits and routines that I think will be around for a long time.

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