More Progress Made

Yesterday saw me blow past my next personal goal. I hit 5.55 miles on the treadmill over my 60:00 run. I came about as close as possible to beating the calorie high too. I hit 797 where the high is 798. Yesterday was different for me. Instead of trying to run further than before, I set out to burn a new high in calories to see what happens. My goal was 800 calories. As it turns out, I was .00375% short. Not bad! My legs felt much better than before. I kept a nice pace of around 7.5 mph for almost half of the time with a walking speed of around 4.0-4.2 for the other half. I think I am going to start to concentrate on burning calories for a bit. The way I look at it is this; it doesn't matter how far I have to go to burn the calories or what I actually do. It's the calories being burned that matter. I'd love to hammer out 1,000 on the treadmill. To me, that is definitely attainable. My mom has a Tony Little Gazelle that I'd like to borrow off of her to burn an extra 100 or so at night before bed. I've used it before and it's great.

How have I been eating since Easter? In a word, better. I've been snacking on hard boiled eggs and popcorn cooked on the stove. For dinner last night I had two burgers with no bun. They were average sized patties. The two of them would probably be slightly larger than a normal cheeseburger, but since I did not have buns on them, I felt justified. For a side, I did have a baked potato though. Other than that, no snacks after dinner over the next 4 hours. Just water and chocolate milk. Could have done better, could have done worse.

I've been on a salad kick lately too. I've tried to add one to all my dinners as a larger portion of my meals. We picked up some pre-cooked buffalo tenders from Tyson. They're great, just pop them in the microwave for 4 minutes, turning them over at 2:00 in. They have a nice flavor that would add a nice kick to your salad. I'm gonna try that this weekend when I pick up some more lettuce. Speaking of, the lettuce and spinach crops are in the ground now. The pre-washed bagged salads will be here before long. After last fall's E. coli outbreak in spinach that sickened 200 people and killed three, the big question is, are those leafy greens safe to eat? Me personally, I love to buy romaine by the stalk or head. It takes seconds to cut up and tastes fresher to me. I bought a lettuce knife last year at Target for 25¢ and it's simple. I'd prefer this over a bag any day. Who knows what marinates in a bag in the middle of a hot summer day?

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