Beware of the Avalanche!

I've always been health conscious. I know how I should be eating, and I am well aware of the risks of not exercising and taking care of your body. Believe it or not I used to be quite the physical specimen about 15 years ago. I ran 5 to 7 miles per day outdoors, I was meticulous about my diet, and I took great pride in my physical appearance. So what happened? What turned me into this mass of liquid jelly that I am today? Well, I fell victim to the avalanche.

Things were going great. I was in the best shape of my life and I looked forward to working out daily. In fact there were times when I would actually run two times per day. I stayed away from fast food, and rarely ate meat except for chicken and fish. I even made my own milk out of rice and vanilla. My family felt I was becoming too thin, but I felt great so I didn't worry too much about this. You might say that I was the picture of health, so dedicated was I to my well being and appearance! Then it happened. At the time I started dating my wife I also worked in a mall, so we would often frequent the food court for lunch and even dinner. Now in the beginning I stuck to my guns, sticking to steamed vegetables and rice, and maybe a been burrito from Taco Bell. I would later learn that these been burritos weren't exactly a devout health nuts best meal choice. Now, I was still running and working out, but my frequency had changed. Once you start dating you find that you just don't have as much time for other things in your life. Something had to go, and it wasn't about to be my future wife. So I made sacrifices when it came to my workout routine. I started adding sour cream and cheese to my burritos, sweet and sour chicken with my white rice, and fish and chips from Arthur Treachers! The avalanche had begun! Before I knew it I had totally abandoned my work out routine all together! I figured that I had done so much damage with my eating habits that I was spinning my wheels working out. It just seemed futile! I was now burried beneath mounds and mounds of snow and I have not recovered since!
Every time I motivate myself to get back into the habit of working out and changing my lifestyle, I am always weary of the avalanche. It can be set off by an unplanned lunch with friends or co-workers, or by indulging in a little snack that wasn't a part of your meal plan. If anyone has any advice or suggestions to avoiding the avalanche I will listen. It may even help others as well.

Jamie hunter

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