Mandarin Chicken/Tuna Salad

Here's a great idea for a quick salad that's low in fat and calories. The chicken can be subsituted for Tuna.

- 1 small can of tuna

- 1 cup of baby spinach leaves

- 1 mandarin orange or clementine

- 1 tablespoon of chopped walnuts (optional)

- 1 half cup of sliced tomatoes

Non fat Caesar Salad dressing.

Drain your tuna before adding it to the rest of your ingredients. Mix together your baby spinach, tuna or cubed chicken breast, tomatoes and orange slices. Add your chopped walnuts to last to maintain their crunchy texture, and finally add your salad dressing to taste.

This is a really fast meal that you can enjoy at home or at work. I find that "eating right" requires that you experiment and treat yourself to different textures and flavors to keep from getting bored with same old food day in and day out. Give it a try. You just might like it!

Jamie Hunter

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Scott Webster said...

I love experimenting with salads. Fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc. I found that Doritos make a great crunchy texture with a nice flavor in salads. Whatever flavor you want too. The more flavors you add to a salad, the more you'll want to eat of it too. Just be careful of the fatty stuff. I'm gonna try this on out soon.