Getting Really Close!

I'm getting "this close" to hitting my March goal of 4.5 miles in an hour. I say "in an hour" because to me, it sounds considerably better an 4.5 miles per hour. That doesn't impress anyone. Well yesterday went way better than I expected. I figured I would come close to the 4.33 that I hit two days ago. For lunch I did end up with a Whopper Junior, 4 nuggets, and small onion rings. I spent $3 and felt fine afterwards. It was a nice sized meal that didn't make me feel crappy afterwards. It doesn't sound healthy, and it really wasn't , but I've eat much worse lunches. I swear, if I had 30 seconds more on the treadmill I would have hit that goal plus eclipsed 600 calories too. Oh well, that's why we set goals, right? I look forward to meeting these goals as early as this weekend.

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