Goal Number One Reached

I went to the gym yesterday to run and I pounded it out. I reached my first goal of 4.5 miles in an hour! I had set the goal for myself to be reached by the end of the month. I am very excited to announce that I hit 4.56 miles yesterday. This is up from 4.44 on Thursday. Yesterday was also the sixth straight day of setting a new high. Of course, the caloric burn has gone up each time too. The last two times I have gone, I have burned 598 and 596 calories. I would love to cross the 600 mark. I know that I will do this soon. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice. The next goal I have is for 5.0 miles in the hour. I had originally set the goal for the end of April. Looks like I will be beating that on too. That is of course if I continue at my pace.

How have I been eating? Pretty good actually. I had a salad for lunch yesterday with romaine lettuce, onion, small amount of cheese, red wine vinegar, small amount of granny Smith apple, ranch and dried sesame sticks and corn nuts. Very good. It's probably only good to me. I'd tell y to make it if you happen to have all the ingredients lying around though. For dinner, I had some Swedish meatballs and noodles. One bowl. Not a lot. Afterwards, I went to see a movie and had a few handfuls of popcorn and one of those Nestea Enviga drinks. For breakfast today, I had a bowl of cereal and a banana. Naturally, I've been having water all the live long day. Gonna run later today. I have no idea if I can beat the 4.56 miles or not. I told myself to take it easy today. It's tough though when you keep beating your highs. You keep wanting to beat it over and over. Check back to find out how I did.

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