Starting the Day off Right

Well, at least as right as I could. Had a 12 oz orange juice and banana for breakfast. I try not to drink many calories if at possible. It's tough. I do have an orange juice a day with whatever I end up eating. I know, it's 140 calories right off the bat, but I love the flavor and it helps to get the vitamin C. I'll have some water in the next hour. I've got a green water bottle that holds 16 ounces for me. I try to get in about 4-5 of those a day on top of my meals. Some days I do better. The one thing I've been doing consistently is getting in 16 ounces before I even have my shoes on in the morning. It seems to help me curb any breakfast cravings. Obviously, the weekends are harder with days off work. Too easy to skip that part.

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