Treadmill Day

Spent an hour on the treadmill today. Been doing it for about 3 weeks now. I try to get to the gym at least 4 times a week if possible. So far, so good. When I first started running on the treadmill, I was getting around 3.25 - 3.5 miles in over the sixty minutes. Today was a new high for me. In fact, it replaced the high that I set just yesterday. I am now up to 4.21 miles in an hour. Now there are probably a ton of people out there that think that is an insanely easy number to hit. Well, it's not easy for me. In fact, I really have pushed myself the last two days. My personal goal is to be at 4.5 miles in an hour by the end of March. I definitely think that is possible, considering the progress I've made so far. I also keep track of the calories I burn just to see how I do. I burned 560 calories today. That seems like a crap load to me until I get home and remind myself how easy it is to add calories back on. For instance, my wife bought me some chocolate from the store that has lemon in it. She knows that I love to try new stuff out, especially drinks and snacks. I love LIMITED EDITION stuff. Well anyways, one square piece of chocolate is 90 calories. How aggravating is that!?

With tomorrow being Monday, I will stop at the gym on the way home. I'm not sure if I have three straight days of setting new highs, but we'll see how it goes. Last week I went a few days in a row and I started noticing that I was cramping in my calves more than I expected. I started eating more bananas to increase my potassium. Hopefully thi spays off. Today was nice. My legs feel a little heavy tonight as I type this. Be back tomorrow with an update.

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