After a Day Off

Took yesterday off from running as Wednesday and Friday are the two days I don't run. It's a good thing too. Somehow when I was running on Tuesday, my sock was not up high enough on my heel and created a small blister. Just small enough to notice. The problem with blisters though, is that no matter how small, they still suck to get. I can feel it today and hope that it doesn't affect my running tonight after work. I am really looking forward to trying to beat 4.33 miles. I have no idea if I will, but right now I feel up to it. Legs feel pretty good today with the day of rest. I'll push myself hard tonight and try to get to 4.5 miles. We'll see what happens when I actually get on the treadmill though. Gonna have a light lunch today since I forgot to pack anything. Looks like my snacks that I have packed will end up being the lunch too! Oh well. At least I won't be full or have lunch hanging around in my stomach when I leave work.

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