Two More Records

This is the 4th straight day for me to set a personal high on the treadmill. New high for mileage and calories. I am at 4.33 miles in an hour now. This is 1.10 miles better than when I started only three weeks ago. I should definitely be able to get to 4.5 by the end of this month! I don't know what it is, but each day when I get done, I feel like I could have done just a tad more. Somewhere around 45 minutes in, I start to get in a groove and any cramping I have seems to die down.

How have I been eating? In a word, decent. Lately, I have been eating slightly less during the day. I have snacked on lighter things, like Jello and apples. For dinner, I've had salad three nights in a row with dinner. I had pasta last night. My wife makes a mean sauce. It's impossible to resist. I eat smaller portions for dinner than I was a few months back. Small steps. I keep telling myself that I am going in the right direction. As long as I'm running or getting exercise in some form, eat less, I feel like I am doing the right thing. Once I am getting five miles a day in on the treadmill, then I will focus on my core with crunches and sit-ups.

Last night's salad was a new concoction. If you're curious, this is what was in it:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • White onion
  • Chopped Granny Smith apple
  • A few dashes of red wine vinegar
  • A small sprinkling of Cajun crunchy stuff (peanuts, corn nuts, sesame stick, etc)
  • Ranch dressing
Tangy, zesty, crunchy, and nice robust flavor. Easy to make. You can substitute things in place of the Cajun stuff with things like onion straws, croutons, etc. If you want a nice additive to salad, try broken pieces of Doritos. Any flavor.

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