Tough Day

Although I did beat the previous high of 5.11 miles by one-one hundredth of a mile, I had to really push it. Hardest I had to go in about a week. The one big reason I can think of is that I spent almost 9 hours working on our office and spare bedroom yesterday. Moving desks, beds, dressers, etc. Perhaps that might have played a little in how I fared. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to beat my record. I have no idea how I will do today when I get off work. My knees felt sore most of the night last night afterwards and I hope that time at the desk today helps a little bit. I also really need to get some new music for my run. I think that it mentally plays a pretty good sized portion of my run too. It kinda sucks to hear the same DJ set start over every few days. It's like "Oh... here we go again with this."

Gonna have a light snack day with some pretzels, string cheese, jello and lunch will be a bowl of chili. We'll see what happens there!

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