The Beast Will Not Be Tamed!

About three hours after the previous post I hit the gym. I used yesterday's numbers as a gauge for my progress. Short and sweet, I set two new highs. I'm happy to say I hit 5.66 miles and 833 calories! Again, I did not expect to hit it, but I hoped to at least do as well. I think if I keep trying to add a few more calories each day I'll be good. My 30th birthday is coming up in just over a month. I'd really love to be running 6 miles an hour by then. By then, I ought to be able to burn 1,000 calories an hour. I spoke to my mom tonight and she said I can borrow the Gazelle, so I should be able to rip off another 100 calories or so at night when catching up on TV shows. If I can get myself motivated enough, I'll start doing it in the morning. Gotta do everything I can when I can if I want to see results. I do see results now, but I'd like to kick it up a step or two.

As far as eating hard boiled eggs as a snack, I will be cutting out the yolks wherever possible. I read tonight that roughly 55 or 75 calories come from the yolk. I might eat a few egg whites and one or two yolks here and there for the taste. Just another place to cut out unnecessary calories. Now I gotta start cutting out drinking calories. I crushed a 32 oz. Gatorade after my run today. Well, back goes 200 calories right there! Wow, is that aggravating.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, I really like your picture do you think I could use it and put it on some t-shirts? Its the beast one 1/2 griffin and 1/2 wolf.

Scott Webster said...

Well, it's not really my picture. I think I found it using a Google Image Search for "beast" or something.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay cool. I found this pic on google too but now it brings me to this blog. What site did you find it on.