Keeping on

I started yesterday with a 3 mile walk on the towpath in Navarre. I couldn't gage calories, but it was a nice walk. It took an hour exactly. I then went to work for 8 hours, then to the gym. I hit the hill climber for 5 minutes. I did have intentions for more, but it just wasn't happening. I then continued on to upper body, including: Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders, abs, back, sides. It was a good workout. I'm noticing it a little in the mirror now.


Scott Webster said...

Nice job. You trying to get swollen or what? Just trimming up?

J.E. Weston said...

Trimming up, but the swoles coming without asking

Scott Webster said...

I've noticed myself that my arm and chest have toned up. My legs however are swelling up in the calves. I already had large calves to begin with. I really do wish I could stop it from happening somehow.