Cause to Celebrate

If I was a stock, I'd say buy now. I'm on the rise. Yesterday was a new high for calories burned in my run as I hit 627 in sixty minutes. This is almost 30 higher than my previous high. I fell .01 miles short of tying my high of 4.73 miles. I was still very surprised and happy to hit it though. Each day, I feel like I am not going to be able to hit the goal or come very close to it. I know it's not gonna be long before I run into a plateau. I was talking to my wife last night at dinner about that actually. I told her that as I keep track of all my running, I will keep the running average over the previous two weeks as my goal. For instance, I started out a few weeks ago hovering 3.4 miles. Now I am up to 3.92 as my overall average distance. If I can hit that or higher, then I will be pleased. The more highs I keep getting, the higher that average will be. I'd like to keep my two week average at around 4.75 - 5.0 miles in the end. Once the average stays up there, I will really start to focus on my core with crunches and chest exercises.

Dinner was absolutely delicious! My wife was cooking pork chops on the grill when I got home last night. She made an awesome marinade with red peppers and soy sauce. For sides, we had corn and sliced potatoes/cabbage on the stove. I come home and the house smells so good, I just want to totally ruin all the progress I just made! I use portion control and eat slower and everything seems okay. Also, gotta make sure to drink plenty of water in there too. The first thing I do when I get home from working out is to drink at least 16 ounces of water. This helps fill me up prior to dinner, especially if it's gonna be another half hour or so. This is on top of anything else I might have had to drink at the gym. When dinner comes, I put a slightly smaller helping on my plate, and my stomach doesn't seem to notice.

At about ten o'clock last night I made smoothies for my wife and I using frozen strawberries, a plum, banana, mango yogurt, and some fruit juice in the fridge. The frozen strawberries were nice because they give the cold, blended feeling you get with ice, but without as much watered down flavor. About 16 ounces later, I was ready to shower and go to bed. First, we had to finish watching 24 though!

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