Let's Get Busy!

I was back on the treadmill today after a pretty decent time away. In fact, last Thursday was the last time I ran. I took Saturday and Sunday off to go to a wedding out of state. Sunday was actually a pretty busy day for me. My wife and I cleaned our garage out and rearranged our basement. We put things aside for a yard sale that we'd like to have in the next few weeks. We ended up throwing a bunch of stuff away and boxing things up too. It was one of the busier days I've spent outside of the gym. Yesterday was a half hour on the bike and then on the chest, arms, and ab exercises. It felt great to get back in there and get active.

Tonight on the way to the gym I was deciding whether or not I wanted to run for an hour or do more exercises. I figured I needed to run but didn't know if I had a full sixty minutes in me. I think mentally I didn't feel like I was up to the challenge of beating the 958 calories or the 5.71 miles I have as highs. Once I got started at 5.8mph and knocked out ten minutes I felt better about my decision to run. About twenty minutes in though I had second thoughts. It seemed like the hour was going to go on for way to long. I told myself to keep doing it since I had already started it. I also noticed that about halfway in I was on pace for beating the previous calorie high. At this point I just had to find out where I'd end up. I'm happy to say that after sixty minutes of running this evening, I burned 1,004 calories! Incredible! I also hit a new high of 5.83 miles. I kept my speeds at 5.7 or higher for probably 40 minutes and even peaked at 6.2 for a few and then ran at 7.5 at the end too. My knees felt pretty good when I was done. I was really really thirsty. I had something like 48 ounces from the time I got to the gym to the time I got in my car. When I got home, I was already somewhat full from all of the water, but I had a fantastic dinner waiting on me. Steak, baked beans, pirogies, and a small baked potato. How can you not eat that? My wife gave me the smaller portions I have been trying to eat especially the baked potato. I love her so much. She's been a lot of support for me lately in this fitness thing. She's very encouraging.

Aside from tonight's dinner I have eaten decent these last two days. Very minimal calories for breakfast and lunches. Saturday and Sunday were completely different stories. I ate like an idiot Friday night. After a burger from Red Robin, we stopped at the Krispy Kreme store next to our hotel and grabbed some doughnuts. I had three for dessert that night in the hotel! I felt like I had stolen the Cup of Christ. Each time I ate one, I felt more and more guilty. Oh well, it's not everyday that one of my junior high and high school buddies gets married, right? I was out of state and felt like I had been doing very well lately. I decided it was okay to give myself a little treat. I had plenty of little cheese and vegetable hors d'oeuvre snacks at the reception. They also brought around some Swedish meatballs, quiche, shrimp cocktails, and chicken tenders. Then the main course came. I only had room for the stuffed chicken. I had two bites of roasted red potatoes and that was it. Too full to eat any more. It'll be a long time before I eat like I did over the weekend.

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